A fast metabolism is important if you want to lose weight and if you want to stay fit. Faster your metabolism works, the more calories you burn. Accelerating your metabolism is therefore a great tool in your fight against the pounds. In this blog I explain 10 ways to accelerate your metabolism fairly easily.

Now that you know why your metabolism is accelerating is important – link more calories so that you lose weight and then stay on weight – it’s time to look at the practical side of it.

1. Drink cold water

Drinking cold water helps speed up your metabolism in several ways. In the first plate because water temporarily increases your metabolism by 10 to 30% percent. In the second it helps you to lose weight, because water contains 0 calories. This yields a negative energy balance.

Cold water is therefore preferable to high-calorie sodas if you want to lose weight. The cold of the water neutralises your body by being self-absorbed. This also burns more calories.

Third, water simply fills your stomach. Drink a large glass of water half an hour before you eat. It simply means less food in your stomach and that works effectively if you want to lose weight.

2. Interval training

Interval training such as bootcamp, CrossFit and body combat are quite heavy. They help speed up your metabolism. This goes as follows; during the training you burn a lot of calories and after the training this continues for about 48 hours. So even if you are lying in your bed, you burn extra calories.

The variety in the exercises and their intensity (running, strength, jumping, weights) helps you to burn more body fat. Interval trainings make you fit and slim. I myself am a fan of CrossFit. I do it twice a week.

3. Weight training

Muscles require more energy than body fat. Therefore your body will burn more calories per day if you have more muscle mass. Muscle mass speeds up your metabolism and that process continues 24/7, so even if you once on the couch plops or at night in your sleep.



4. Proteins

Protein is found in fish, chicken, meat and also in peas, nuts, egg, legumes, quinoa, beans and lentils. You do not have to eat meat to get proteins. This is sometimes thought.

Your body uses more energy to digest proteins than it uses with carbohydrates and fats. This allows them to speed up your metabolism by about 15 to 30%. That is much more than carbohydrates (5 to 15% acceleration).

In addition, proteins also saturate enormously and they barely raise your blood sugar level. This will keep you feeling full and full for longer. The consequence? That you have less of an appetite for eating something extra and that helps you lose weight.

5. More standing

When you are standing, you automatically consume more calories than when you are sitting. As a result, you burn much fewer calories. So if you have a sedentary profession, try to stand more often.

6. Nice spicy food

By eating spicy food your metabolism will accelerate. Peppers contain the dust capsaicin and that dust boost your metabolism.

7. Use coconut oil

Fry your food in coconut oil. It helps speed up your metabolism, albeit a bit. In addition, coconut oil and coconut oil appears very healthy for you. We ourselves use coconut oil at home, not from those cheap because there can be trash.

8. Black coffee

Caffeine in coffee can boost your metabolism by a few percent. Do not put sugar and milk in your coffee, because that will lift the effect again.

9. Green tea

Because you can not drink coffee all day and because your water is also at a certain time, green tea is a tasty option. The effect is only a little, but it helps especially because tea – just like water and coffee – barely contain calories.

10. Sleep well

Lack of sleep is associated with an increased risk of obesity. That may sound a bit strange, after all, you do not eat in your sleep. Sleep deprivation, however, has a negative effect on your metabolism.

Yoga Exercises To Boost Your Overall Energy

With the unlimited list of tasks that come from motherhood, a fast energy increase can be a real lifesaver. The following variation on the traditional “sun salutation” gives a few extra mindsets, such as the popular “rack” that develops your stamina. Other advantages of this series are a clear mind and a sense of calm. With just 5 minutes of yoga you can alter your whole day.


Breathing is a vital part of yoga. Inhale through your nose and out through your mouth, let your breath go deep into your stomach each time you move from one posture to the next. For the mountain posture, you stand next to each other at the front of your mat with your feet. Stand up, extend your back and close your eyes. Take in and out numerous times to soothe your mind. This posture assists reinforce your body and improve your posture.

Forward Bend

Open your eyes, breathe in and reach with your arms above your head. Make certain your shoulders remain low. Spread your arms as if they were airplane wings and bend forward with bent knees, you fold from your waist, your hips remain in place. Keep your legs straight if you can, or if they feel tight, flex your knees slightly. Put your fingertips on the mat while looking up. Extend your back and hold straight.


Place your hands firmly on your mat, spread your fingers for an excellent grip and step back with your best leg. Tighten your stomach muscles and make sure your right leg is strong.


Transfer to the shelf by bringing your left leg back so that it is next to your ideal leg. Make sure your back is straight, your stomach muscles tightened up and your entire body is working. Remain in this slab posture for 5 breaths.

Upward Canine

Lower your knees to the floor and make a smooth movement to the upward pet dog Make your back hollow, your rib cage broad, hold your arms near your ribs with your shoulders down and far from your ears. Breath! This posture opens the energy centers in your body, minimizes tension and fatigue.

Down dog.

Bring your hips upwards and bring your chest to your knees. Push your heels to the floor and look at your toes. Hold five breaths. Unwind your neck and keep your stomach muscles tight. This is one of the most soothing postures. This opens and lengthens your back and has a relaxing effect on the mind.

Half moon posture, right side

Bring your right leg forward and step into a high lunge. On a deep motivation, you raise your arms, keep your shoulders unwinded and low. Keep abdominal area and ribs withdrawn. Ensure the ideal knee is at an angle of 90ยบ above your ankle and your prolonged left leg is strong and raised. Hold for 5 breaths.

Twist, right side

Place your left hand on the inside of your right foot. Turn your body to the right to open your arms and chest. This present is good for a flexible back and increases blood circulation, triggering the body to awaken. Constantly make certain that your abdominal muscles are tight and your back leg is strong. Hold for five breaths.

Continue with the left side by positioning both hands on the mat. Step your right leg back and at your left leg and hold the plank position for one breath. Bend the knees to the mat and move as smoothly as possible to an upward dog. Modification from the top of your foot to your foot sole and flow up into a downward pet dog.

Half moon present left side

Bring your left leg forward with a high lunge. On a deep breath, bring your arms up with unwinded shoulders, a strong stomach and pulled back ribs. Make certain your extended best leg is strong. Hold for five breaths.

Twist, left side

Position your right-hand man within the foot. Turn your body open up to the left and open arms and chest. Make sure your abdominal muscles are tight and your rear leg is strong. Hold for 5 breaths.
Put both hands on the flooring, step your left leg back to the best leg and hold the plank posture one breath. Move as smoothly as possible to a downward canine and hold for five breaths. Walk to the front of your mat, let your knees soften and gradually roll, vertebra vertebrae up.

Seat posture

Inhale and lift your arms above your head. Breathe out while flexing your knees in a posture like resting on a chair. Attempt to get your thighs parallel to the ground, keep your weight on your heels. Pull your shoulder blades down and back. Arms are raised and rotate outwards through your thumbs with palms dealing with each other. Tilt your tailbone in for an unwinded spine. Keep your breathing quiet and regular as you look forward, hold for 5 breaths. Inhale, stretch your legs and lower your arms to the mountain posture.
Holding this strong posture strengthens your legs, opens your shoulders and chest, and creates heat through your body. You can feel the energy grow with every breath.

Tree position

Bend the left knee while raising the sole of same foot high within your right thigh. Keep your hips directly and forward. If you can hold your left foot in the location without holding it, bring your palms together for your heart. Or hold one hand in front of your heart while holding your foot in the location with your other hand. Look straight ahead and stay in balance. Hold for 5 breaths. Gradually lower your leg to the ground and repeat with your best leg. This balance posture reinforces your lower body and ensures concentration.

Body posture

Close your regular with this last, lying posture. Lie on your back with limbs spread out and relax, your palms are automatically open outwards. Close your eyes and feel the energy streaming through your body as you take a moment to focus. After a few breaths, you roll on your right side and gradually sit upright.

This easy yoga regimen is the perfect method to begin your day or as a snack when you can use an additional dose of energy. Your family will bear the fruits of a more crucial you.

6 Best Tips To Lose Weight Fast

It’s very good that you have handled the difficulty to keep slimming down Keeping a diet is a huge difficulty. Do you choose not to fall back into your old habits? With these tips, you will keep your diet plan full!

1. Examine your diet plan if you want to drop weight.

You just get fatter by consuming. Bad, however, it’s taking place. People frequently eat when they are emotionally uncomfortable. When you have your duration, you choose to opt for a bar of chocolate instead of to a piece of cucumber.

So ask yourself why you consume. Do you do this since you feel sad or since you feel lonely? As quickly as you have concerned the answer, you can attempt to resolve this problem and begin searching for a healthy replacement.

2. Pick healthy food throughout weight loss

It is equally tough however if you actually wish to follow your diet plan, then also opt for healthy eating. Attempt to focus on your meals and go with high-end, healthy products. Aim to become conscious of the fact that consuming healthier is truly better for you and that it will really make you better. Also consume consciously. Feel and taste what you eat and be happy with what you eat.

3. Avoid temptations

Together on the couch with your fan who opens a bag of chips in front of you? Then you are almost specific that your diet plan will fail. Aim to prevent being tempted. Make certain to prevent situations in which people wish to use you anything and whatever. Make it clear to your friend, your friends, and family that you wish to lose weight. You do not desire support and more. And is your fan going to consume chips for you? Brush your teeth or take a mint chewing gum and you have no hunger at the same time.

4. Find assistance during weight loss

It is important that you can lose your egg throughout the diet plan. Discover pals or family who can call you if you remain in a dip. Seek assistance in individuals who actually desire you to reduce weight. Find a mate and make whatever is flexible. This is tough, however, reducing weight on your own is a lot harder.

5. Strategy to speed up weight reduction

Making certain that you are working out enough is challenging. Schedule a variety of set days of exercise and make sure that you really begin working out. Make a part of your life. It is part of it, so you need to. Discover a sport that you truly like and that you can sustain longer. Collaborating is a lot more pleasurable. Furthermore, you can motivate each other. When you always practice on a set day, it rapidly ends up being routine and an enjoyable social activity.

6. Give yourself benefits if you have dropped weight

Set goals for yourself, for example, 1 kg in one week. Try to achieve your objectives and after that talk to yourself something great. If you have accomplished a goal, you can purchase that great dress or a new pair of trousers.

You can partition large goals into sub-objectives with smaller sized rewards. This makes sure you develop guts and hunt for a gorgeous and healthy body. Be sensible and see dropping weight as a process. It simply takes some time. Action by action you get closer to your last objective. A good, healthy and healthy body.

6 Awesome Ways To Make Fitness A Fun

Are you not enthusiastic to visit to the gym? Workouts have become a boring routine? Tired of fitness and thinking about how to end it quickly? Of course, no one needs you to have “passionate love” for the sport, but little fun to do what inspires you is not disgusting.

As you know, dedication process improves the result, so I have decided to give you 6 ways to revive the interest in fitness, learn to enjoy the process and achieve excellent results.

Join the group

Only fitness bores quickly. Some days do half-heartedly and on the other days – do not, and relax in the bar with juice. In the group there is a competition enthusiasm, interest in communicating with the instructor and the other participants, the diversity, the right music, and more importantly – a mirror that supports your motivation and shows the results immediately.

Invite your partner

The chance of permanent training for long periods of those engaged in fitness in the company of a friend or acquaintance is almost 90%. Choose a partner with same level of fitness that roughly corresponds to your (or slightly higher). Promise each other not to miss any session or even a bet that who will achieve the best results. So, you are responsible for each other, will be strictly the progress of your partner, do not let him skip training, you take a little more intense than salaried. Do not look for fitness a partner who has distant acquaintances.

Join a training center for beginners

There is a rage in the training centers for newcomers, we are obliged to TV. Worldwide city – even the most provincial – such centers can be found almost anywhere. Classes at the beginning of such a center, usually in the early morning and held five days a week for 4-8 weeks in a row. Take two weeks of vacation during your intense training sessions. In this mode you can practice a long time to lose weight and a new body that you have always dreamed of creating.

Use a library card

You might be wondering how can you lose weight with the help of a library card? Very simple! In libraries, you can sometimes get entire shelves of aerobics videos, the access to which you can get for free at any time. Every week you can take the new cartridge and choose from multiple formats and techniques of training (and trainers). These classes do not require little or no equipment such as treadmills.

Stay informed of the time

Have you ever seen people at the gym who supposedly settled there? Their jaw muscles move stronger than any other muscle in the body, – because it does not close its mouth for a minute. Know that these people will never achieve the desired result. Do not talk – and can reduce training time up to twenty-five minutes (this is enough). The time and intensity of the training – is inversely proportional. If you are spreading and using it extensively, you do not need to go to the gym for an hour. If you are only twenty-five minutes, with a little more effort than normal, and achieving good results, even in such a short time. Do you have knockout power, but the realization that with the sweat out of calories, you must inspire to promote performance.

Conditionally divide the body into sections

If you normally use exercises to strengthen the muscles, try to concentrate on a single muscle group. This will improve the effectiveness of the training and disrupt the established routine. For example, on Monday, strengthening the upper body, Tuesday – down, legs and on Wednesday – the abdominal muscles and lower back. Take a break and repeat the cycle.