A fast metabolism is important if you want to lose weight and if you want to stay fit. Faster your metabolism works, the more calories you burn. Accelerating your metabolism is therefore a great tool in your fight against the pounds. In this blog I explain 10 ways to accelerate your metabolism fairly easily.

Now that you know why your metabolism is accelerating is important – link more calories so that you lose weight and then stay on weight – it’s time to look at the practical side of it.

1. Drink cold water

Drinking cold water helps speed up your metabolism in several ways. In the first plate because water temporarily increases your metabolism by 10 to 30% percent. In the second it helps you to lose weight, because water contains 0 calories. This yields a negative energy balance.

Cold water is therefore preferable to high-calorie sodas if you want to lose weight. The cold of the water neutralises your body by being self-absorbed. This also burns more calories.

Third, water simply fills your stomach. Drink a large glass of water half an hour before you eat. It simply means less food in your stomach and that works effectively if you want to lose weight.

2. Interval training

Interval training such as bootcamp, CrossFit and body combat are quite heavy. They help speed up your metabolism. This goes as follows; during the training you burn a lot of calories and after the training this continues for about 48 hours. So even if you are lying in your bed, you burn extra calories.

The variety in the exercises and their intensity (running, strength, jumping, weights) helps you to burn more body fat. Interval trainings make you fit and slim. I myself am a fan of CrossFit. I do it twice a week.

3. Weight training

Muscles require more energy than body fat. Therefore your body will burn more calories per day if you have more muscle mass. Muscle mass speeds up your metabolism and that process continues 24/7, so even if you once on the couch plops or at night in your sleep.

4. Proteins

Protein is found in fish, chicken, meat and also in peas, nuts, egg, legumes, quinoa, beans and lentils. You do not have to eat meat to get proteins. This is sometimes thought.

Your body uses more energy to digest proteins than it uses with carbohydrates and fats. This allows them to speed up your metabolism by about 15 to 30%. That is much more than carbohydrates (5 to 15% acceleration).

In addition, proteins also saturate enormously and they barely raise your blood sugar level. This will keep you feeling full and full for longer. The consequence? That you have less of an appetite for eating something extra and that helps you lose weight.

5. More standing

When you are standing, you automatically consume more calories than when you are sitting. As a result, you burn much fewer calories. So if you have a sedentary profession, try to stand more often.

6. Nice spicy food

By eating spicy food your metabolism will accelerate. Peppers contain the dust capsaicin and that dust boost your metabolism.

7. Use coconut oil

Fry your food in coconut oil. It helps speed up your metabolism, albeit a bit. In addition, coconut oil and coconut oil appears very healthy for you. We ourselves use coconut oil at home, not from those cheap because there can be trash.

8. Black coffee

Caffeine in coffee can boost your metabolism by a few percent. Do not put sugar and milk in your coffee, because that will lift the effect again.

9. Green tea

Because you can not drink coffee all day and because your water is also at a certain time, green tea is a tasty option. The effect is only a little, but it helps especially because tea – just like water and coffee – barely contain calories.

10. Sleep well

Lack of sleep is associated with an increased risk of obesity. That may sound a bit strange, after all, you do not eat in your sleep. Sleep deprivation, however, has a negative effect on your metabolism.