Hello, myself Tyrone Parsons and I am the creator of ncsocanes.com. I am a 24 years old energetic young man interested in writing on fitness topics.

Alongside writing for ncsocanes.com since year 2016, I am facsinated about horse riding, playing baseball, travelling and living full of my life.

My day starts with meditation and jogging and I love to eat veggies. I love to accept challenges and completing tasks before deadline, but failing to do so doesn’t make me depressed as it is better to work harder next time.

At ncsocanes.com I am going to share my experiences in fitness. My aim is to make things simpler and easier for you to understand. I get inspiration for writing from my couple of years of experience in fitness industry, my personal fitness journey and my fitness idols.

About ncsocanes.com

This website of mine is a complete platform for your fitness and health queries. I love to sort out problems related to fitness and health. In this blog you are gonna find out amazing articles and videos related to fitness, weight loss, dieting and general health conditions. I am always inspired to get connected to you in all ways possible.

If you have any queries regarding this blog or fitness and health conditions, you can simply mail me at – query@ncsocanes.com