Face Shape, What Haircut Suits My Face?

There is nothing more annoying then getting a new haircut and realizing it does not really suit your face shape. Hair trends are changing rapidly, but not every hairstyle is best for every face shape. Some haircuts do accentuate your face shape while other styles are diminishing it, so it is important to choose wisely when picking a new hairstyle.

Every person is unique and so someone’s face shape can differs a lot to others. For some men it is more important to pay attention to it than others. Most men want to have a more rectangular face shape, because it represents masculinity and most females feel most attracted to men with rectangular face shapes.

Men with longer face shapes should try to make their face appear a little shorter and men with wide faces should try to make their face appear longer. Men with rectangular face shapes should choose for a less drastic hairstyle but should go for more subtle finishes.

Get a good advice of your Hairstylist

A lot of men go to their hairdresser with a picture in their hand to show the barber what haircut they would like to get. But then it is important you already figured out what haircut does fit with your face shape. A good barber will tell you of course if your chosen hairstyle will go with your face shape or you can ask their opinion to come up with some hairstyle. So, listen to your barber and try to figure out something that is flattering for your face and is something you like yourself.

A haircut is very personal and should fit your face shape and hair type. And it is also very important that your style goes with your image and personality. So, that’s why we will mention some face shapes below and tell you what suits those shapes best or what haircuts you really should avoid.

Oval face shape


Ovaal gezicht While an oval face is considered attractive on woman, it is considered less attractic for men. When choosing a haircut it is pretty convenient, because a lot of hairstyles will suit your face shape. Men with oval faces can pull off all kinds of length and shapes, because the face is proportionally well balanced. Also a lot of sunglasses will go with an oval face shape. What men should avoid are messy looks, because it makes your face appear rounder. But there are a lot of different opportunities for short and long styles.


oval face shape
Square face shape

Vierkant gezicht A men with a square face is considered strong and masculine. The majority of hairstyles is also more square and rectangular when comparing with woman. A strong jaw line is the signature of a square face shape. Because of this signature jaw line the face appear more angular. Just as with an oval face shape you can pull off a lot of different hairstyles, but you should go for smoother finishes around the hairline.

When you really want to accentuate that masculine look you should go for a tight and short hairstyle. Then you are really accentuating your face shape, so you can choose what you would like to stand out more, your hair or face. A messy look or a separation in the middle you can best avoid.

Oblong face shape

Langwerpig gezicht An oblong face is great for a variety of hairstyles. This face shape is typically a little longer than oval faces, which is important to keep in mind. When you like long hair on the top it is best to keep the hair on the sides a little longer as well. If you don’t, your face will appear longer and you should try to avoid that. You always should make sure that the difference in length between the top and the sides it not too much. A great hairstyle for men with an oblong face shape is a fringe cut, because your face will look shorter when wearing the hair partly over your face.


oblong face shape
Round face shape

Men with a round face shape do have less options compared to other face shapes, but that is not a big problem. Because a round face does not have prominent lines, it is better to choose a hairstyle with some length. A style with some volume and not too short, otherwise it will accentuate your round face. Don’t go for a too long haircut and try to avoid messy looks. You should go for subtle edges around the hairline.


round face shape
Diamond face shape

Diamantvorig gezicht Men with a diamond face shape most often have prominent cheekbones and a smaller forhead and chin. Choosing a different hairstyle could be difficult because you should not cut your hair too short. Longer hair is better suited for men with a diamond face shape. Especially messy looks provide more volume and will not draw the attention right to your prominent face shape. So, in most cases regarding face shapes messy looks are not the way to go, but in this case it is. All wavy, curly and subtle haircut help to soften the hard lines in your face.