The acai berry: good for your weight and your health

The acai berry is one of the fruits that belong to the superfruit. The berries are jam-packed with healthy foods and it has now been discovered that the acai berry is a godsend for people who want to lose weight.

The origin of the acai berry

The acai berry is a dark blue berry that originates from the Amazon region. The berries were used by Indians in Brazil in the past to promote their stamina during the hunt, and freshly delivered women ate the berries to quickly strengthen after the delivery. Meanwhile the healthy properties of the acai berry have become known worldwide and the berry is processed in various drinks and food supplements.

What nutrients does the acai berry contain?

The has a number of striking nutrients. Among other things, the fatty acids omega 6 and 9, which have long been known to promote good health (like fish oil). Furthermore, the acai berry has a high antioxidant content , so high that you should eat a large plate full of carrots or broccoli to get the same value as a handful of healthy acai berries. In addition to these substances, the acai berry is also rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, E, phosphorus, calcium and proteins. The berries are also very rich in dietary fiber, which they promote good bowel function. Due to the amount of healthy nutrients, adding the acai berry to the diet can help to lose weight .

The acai berry is a fad in America

In the Netherlands the acai berry is still relatively unknown. It appears here and there in fruit juices, but the acai berry content in these juices is not very high. The berry has become an important discovery in America, because so many good qualities are attributed to the berry. The latest discoveries indicate that the acai berry has a surprising effect on the weight of people who eat the berries to lose weight. The berries are good for muscle building and can significantly stimulate fat burning. The acai berry does not cause acute spectacular weight loss. Using the berries in the diet takes time before it gives results. Because of the healthy nutrients that the acai berries contain the body will be considerably healthier. The bowel function is stimulated, the metabolism is accelerated, which will burn more fat. After about half a year, the body has turned to a healthier metabolism.